Bob Grumbine's Garage Sale
a quirky little web site with no sales expectations  [why?]

Some of the items available in my garage sale are listed below:
Baseball Trading Cards
Nolan Ryan Mets 1966 packet
Nolan Ryan Mets 1969 packet
Nolan Ryan Mets 1970 packet
Nolan Ryan Mets 1971 packet
Nolan Ryan Angels 1974 packet
Nolan Ryan Angels 1976 packet x2
Nolan Ryan Angels 1977 packet
Nolan Ryan Angels 1979 packet x2
Nolan Ryan Astros 1982 packet x3
Nolan Ryan Astros 1983 packet
Nolan Ryan Astros 1984 packet x2
Nolan Ryan Astros 1985 packet
Nolan Ryan Astros 1987 packet
Nolan Ryan Rangers 1989 packet
Nolan Ryan Rangers 1990 packet
Nolan Ryan Mets 1968 card
Rafael Palmeiro 1991 card
Benito Santiago 1991 card
rookie Dave Nilsson (Brewers) card

 Stuff I Don't Have

 US Mint Products
1973D Eisenhower Silver $ Unc
1973S Eisenhower Silver $ Proof
1974D Eisenhower Silver $ Unc
1979D 5c Choice BU x40
1980 Uncirculated Set (incl SBA$ PDS and
PD Half Qtr Dime Nickel Penny)
1981 Uncirculated Set (incl SBA$ PDS and
PD Half Qtr Dime Nickel Penny) x5
1981D copper 1c MS65+ x50
1981S Proof Set x7 (incl SBA$)
1982 Washington 90% Silver 
Commemorative Proof Half Dollar x2
1982 Washington 90% Silver 
Commemorative Half Dollar Uncirc
1982D copper 1c MS65+ x50
1982S Proof Set (incl 1789 Treasury 
Dept Medallion)
1983S Proof Set x5
1996 Uncirculated Set (PD Half Qtr
Dime Nickel Penny & Treas Medal) x4
1997S Proof Set x4
1998S Proof Set x4
1999S Proof Set (incl state qtrs for
1999S State Quarters Proof Set 
 Dell C600 series laptop
computer accessories 
each with HDD caddy
empty caddy only (3)
"fmt" = formatted
w Win98SE fmt 40Gb HDD (6)
w Win98SE fmt 100 Gb HDD (6)
w NTFS fmt 100 Gb HDD (1)
w NTFS fmt 40 Gb HDD (2)
w NTFS fmt 30 Gb HDD (1)
w NTFS fmt 10 Gb HDD (2)

Royal Canadian Mint
1965 Uncirc Set (1c 5c 10c 25c 
50c and $1) ASW 1.100
1978 Uncirc Set (bronze 1c nickel 5c 
10c 25c 50c and $1)
1978 Proof $1 ASW 0.375
1979 Uncirc Set (bronze 1c nickel 5c 
10c 25c 50c and $1)
1979 Griffon Proof $1 ASW 0.375

US Mint Rolls Golden Dollars 
Twenty Five Coins per Roll
Sacajawea 2000D
Sacajawea 2006P
Sacajawea 2006D
the above had to be opened for 
identification, below unopened
George Washington x3
John Adams x3
Thomas Jefferson x3
James Madison x1
John Quincy Adams x3
Andrew Jackson x3
Martin Van Buren x3
William Henry Harrison x3
Israel Government Coins
and Medals Corporation
1969 Jerusalem Specimen Set (21st 
Anniversary of 1948 founding)
1970/5730 Jerusalem Specimen Set

despite the ongoing felony 
abrogations of Article IV of 
the US Constitution 
Amendments, I still have 
these small tokens of money

At the moment, this subdomain is an entirely crazed notion.  I started construction after finally getting some business done with (with whom I may or may not attempt to establish a Seller relationship).  What it amounts to  is that I'm getting older and have accumulated a lot of bizarre little odds and ends which might be of interest to somebody else.  At this stage it is little more than an inventory procedure.  If you see anything of particular interest to you on this web site you may send email to me which I will see and reply to if appropriate and what you send is not the ubiquitous spam emails which seem to infest every email inbox extant and we'll try to work out how to get the item(s) of interest delivered to you for some appropriate payment to me.  Sound good so far?  If so you're nearly unique in having found this web site in the first place LOL.