Stuff I Don't Have

Pulling together this inventory of the stuff and things that I have pack ratted during my decades, it occurred to me that at least as important to me are the things that I *don't* have.  Here is a listing of some of those things, which numerous others insist are ultra important, that I DON'T HAVE:
     No cell phone.  Even the name is repugnant to a law abiding citizen who has no interest in being put into a cell again.  In fact was, early in my miserable residence in the narcophony homosexist Bowels der unCoolorado when one of their lunatic drivers smashed into my vehicle at an intersection and the policy of their criminally corrupt "police department" was to charge everybody at the scene of an incident regardless of obvious fact situation, my home at the time was too far away to return in time for the court appearance the following morning, and so they "let" me stay in one of their cells overnight.  But the notion of carrying around a criminal purpose tracking device, designed by a known felon whose "management" practices included poisoning his empees with LBJ's favored weapon of chemical warfare LSD, is absurd.  For that matter, so too is the notion of being disruptable at whim wherever one happens to be in the world.  Fact is, I don't even *like* telephones.  Have *one* only in a location that I'm trying to develop into an ultimate retirement home for myself, and for that reason need to be able to telephone suppliers of materials for the development process, but have to protect even it from the illegal telemarketers with a Telephone Answering Device.  Even the notion of *having* a "home telephone" as the "everybody must be the same as every other idiot in the world", so that the illegal telemarketers can disrupt my life at whim with their criminal purpose trespasses into my life, is absurd.
     No telebitchin.  Used to have one of those noxious criminal propaganda spewing devices, a then perfectly functional 25" color telebitchin.  Even had a "cable" service for awhile which was "supposed to be" providing my choice of music but instead was trashing my living room with abusive light pollution from their adwierdteasements for the "copyright owners" of what was "supposed to be" pleasant background music for late night restfulness.  Not that paying for the lesbian/faggot insistence that their violent criminal faggot dominance rituals must be inflicted on every citizen regardless of personal orientation was ever tolerable.  But the music was a "nice thought" that just plain didn't work out because of the criminal trespassers who were joined into the mix.  Ultimately shut that telebitchin off in July 2003 when the criminal abusiveness of homosexual propaganda and the felonious frauds of the sonofaBush thugocracy became too overwhelming in relation to negligible entertainment value of the vast wasteland of drivel that was called "programming".  Haven't been willing to provide it with a milliwatt of electricity since.  Yeah, that once perfectly functional telebitchin does still exist.  It is in a packing box in my garage but wouldn't be of any use to anybody nowadays since all of the homosexually insistent "broadcasters" have made it "technologically obsolete" with their "high definition" garbage supposed to overwhelm human environments on four foot wide and larger HDTVs.
     No "Eating Out".  I have no current nor recent standing in the disputes between the unmanageable empees of the "fast food" and "restaurant" industries and their empers.  I have been "told" with volumes of statistics about the propensity of my fellow Americans to patronize such establishments and to thus "employ" the disputants that perhaps even a majority of "meals" in this country relate to such "prepared on site" presumed or pretended edibles.  There were radically too many incidents of food poisoning when I was traveling regularly and lengthily for me to be a participant in such practices.  At one point I even developed a "ROLAIDS rating" for restaurants based on how many tablets of that product were needed to deal with the gastric distress caused by their "prepared on site" effluents.  Simply as a matter of survival, I began carrying with me supplies of foods while traveling so that I would not need to subject myself to further potential food poisonings.  Ultimately it was the felony identity theft perpetrated by a restaurant, which I had been favoring for decades, under pretense of discounts at the restaurant which persuaded me to ban "fast food" and "restaurants" altogether from my life.  In fact their promotion was nothing but an effort to create compulsive throwing away of money in their related fraud and theft "casino" with nothing in the way of discounts actually available.  But I was one of the lucky ones with my experiences of food poisonings.  The victims of e coli and other lethal impacts of the unmanageable empees of "prepared on site" fooderies were not so lucky.
     No Social Security.  Oh yeah, the predatory freeloading frauds styling themselves as "government" stole from me throughout my life, just as they do from everybody else.  Then, instead of maintaining the stolen money in the "Social Security Trust Fund" for payment when due, they stole it yet again for their homosexual religionist wars and other squanderings so that, when the current occupant of the Witty Houze OweBowMao stated that they *couldn't* make the social security payments without "borrying" still more because he and his fellow felonious perjurers had already stolen it all and there wasn't any money *in* the Social security Trust Fund, that one statement of his was accurate.  But he has gone still further and instead of paying to me the money that they owe, as was the pretense of all of those thefts for all of those decades, the criminal gangs are instead paying the money to their choice of felon in the bunko industry so as to keep a permanent record of where and how I spend the money that they owe to me.  The only alternative to that felony intrusion into my life was to allow the criminal gangs unlimited uncontrolled access to a financial account of mine so that they could vacate the rest of my money at whim under their Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and "Check21" forgery facilitating systems, none of which have any validation fromt he owner of the funds stolen but only the "sayso" of the wannabe felon thief.  For such a criminal gang, which has already stolen the entirety of the Social Security Trust Fund for criminal purposes, to have such felony access to vacate my financial account at whim is entirely absurd.  So yes, the predatory freeloading frauds did steal my money just as they do from everybody else.  Yes, they owe me.  But no, they aren't *paying* what they owe to me as was required but instead transferring my money into the permanent adverse possession of one of their pet felons in the bunko industry for further criminal intrusions into my life.
     No "Health Care".  Hasn't been any anyway since the homosexual religionists shut down the places of worship of my hetero religion in 1987, either shut down or subverted into vicious object rape con dumb abuses of male citizens.  Realistically, there hadn't been much of anything satisfactory even prior to that with the insistence of the Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murderers that the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol was a "healthy lifestyle" (it encourages the "circulation" of money from the victims into the wallets of their criminal thug gangs).  But since that time there have been an endless succession of violent criminal destructions of my body under color of license including smashing out most of my teeth by fraud and prohibited criminal violence, injection of live diptheria to create thousands of cases of real lung disease for the extortionate frauds of that industry to fraudulently attribute to their scam against "tobacco smokers", and ultimately an attempted murder by malprescription described later for purposes of appointing a posthumous spouse to claim my estate under Nevada's draconian "community property" laws.  There has also, more generally, been the promotion of poisoning of American citizens with a continuation of the murderous lesbian supremacist Lyndon Baines Johnson's chemical warfare against America, under the euphemism "medical marijuana".  All that without recognizing the "wrongful killing" of now 100,000 Americans per year in their "hospitals" via one form only of the criminal Guild's malpractices against "patients" as being simply too numerous and obviously intentional for prosecution of the murderers not to have been carried out.  So I see OweBowMao and his feloniously perjurious Mock Rat "political" potty and the quislings of the "let's pretend we're opponents" Repuke Licking "political" potty (who refused to address any of the real issues of felony abrogation of Article V of the US Constitution Amendments but instead wandered off into a nonsense "commerce clause" appeal to the Stupor Ream Curt) insisting that they are going to use their felony religionist tax collectors to steal yet more as part of their promotions of the dictates of the millenial frauds against humanity of the "religion" establishment.  I may not be able to prevent those feloniously abrogative thefts in violation of Article V, but I consider that flagrantly open and notorious theft method preferable to "voluntarily" providing known criminal gangs in the "let's pretend this is insurance" industry with yet more direct money with which to fraudulently enrich the torturers maimers and murderers of the criminal Guild.  There is no actual *health care* to be paid for, only violent criminal attacks and destructions of the lives and bodies of American citizens.
     No Spouse.  There were in fact felonious enslavements of this now old man who somehow survived anyway despite the brutal abuses by lesbian criminal thugs and poisoners and thieves prior to my 31st birthday.  But the response of the "funny" promoter of criminal control of all financial resources on a fraud and theft "media" web site was conclusive.  When I objected to his criminal purpose promotions of "computerized" debit cards and other "electronic" forms of "money", he told me that he *can't* have any actual cash because his "wife" would steal it all.  No doubt true, whether directly by reason of having access to himself and anything he might otherwise carry or indirectly via the divorce racketeering "courts" consisting of ecclesiastically appointed criminal thugs carrying out the directives of the felony tax evading, slave mongering, hate mongering against male citizens, war mongering for purposes of "sacrificing" yet more male lives, baby raping, belligerent blaspheming preachers of the "religion" establishment in violation of Articles XIII, XIV, V, and I of the US Constitution Amendments.
      This "No Spouse" reality and its underlying knowledge and experience actually did save my life in 2004.  What happened was that the lesbian clerks in the office of a murderous dentifraud vehemently objected to my having written "no such person" on the "spouse" line of their criminally invasive "medical information form".  Only a statement of fact against which they had no conceivable standing to object.  But they insisted that the invasive line should have been "left blank" (so that they could fill in the name of one of their lesbian cronies as posthumous spouse to claim my estate as I had already seen them do, filling in the blanks, on the prescription for a "patient death" causing drug that their murderous dentifraud had prescribed).  With that tipoff of the felonious intentions, enslavement even posthumously, of that state licensed "dental" office, I researched the name of the prescribed chemical sodomization drug on the web and found out what it actually was.  Never consumed any of the attempted murder drug and continue, as always, filling in the "blanks" intended by promoters of felonious enslavement with "no such person" to make clear that neither their lesbian divorce racketeers nor their faggot claimants to ownership on the basis of duress inflicted in the "physical education" courses in the homosexually slopperated "school" systems have any such OWNERSHIP rights to this old human male.
      Bottom line on the "No Spouse" decision is that I'm too old and fragile now to survive yet another round of criminal poisonings and thefts which the felonious enslavement industry inflicts.  As a matter of my own survival, which is important to me regardless of the "religious" insistence of criminal thugs that all human males must be enslaved and "sacrificed" for the greater honor and gory of their felonious criminal gangs, as in fact they have been perpetrating for millenia, it is necessary that there be "No Spouse".  So no such poisons (in this context, a more accurate spelling of the euphemism "persons") are allowed into my environment to carry on their "religious" attacks against me.
     So instead of squandering on the foregoing list of things that I don't have, I pack ratted the stuff and things shown on this web site.  Frankly, the stuff in my garage is more valuable to me than any of the things listed even could have been.  At least these pack ratted collections don't endeavor to kill me or to destroy my life, liberty, and property.