No Sales Expected

Why does anybody run a garage sale?  Do they ever sell anything after putting all their garage sale items out on display?  I don't know.  I've never been to one.  Closest I ever got to a garage sale was when a friendly neighbor told me that he had put a bunch of stuff that he wanted to get rid of out in the alley behind his place and that I could come and get anything I wanted.  Actually found a strange little sculpted concrete artifact of a tree stump that I thought would look cute next to my front porch.  So I loaded it into my car, drove over the oil pan threatening bump at the end of his alley, brought it to my place, and placed it next to my front porch.  End of my garage sale experience stories.
      Thinking back a lot further in time, that isn't quite true.  I did participate in a neighborhood garage sale in a townhouse complex where I resided decades ago. Pulled a whole bunch of my useless stuff out of my closets and placed it out on the commons lawn.  Sat out in the sun all day watching over my collected trivia and looking around at the other idiots doing similarly.  Not nearly as hazardous to my health as would be sitting out in the brutal desert sun where I am now which contains so much infrared as to be able to terminate a rabbit placed in a cage unprotected within a matter of hours.  Didn't sell anything then either.
      But looking around at all the "web merchants" who actually do intend to sell their stuff, I am aware of a bunch of other reasons why this quaint little web site is unlikely ever to sell anything.  Biggest factor is the predatory influences of the gangs of freeloading frauds who style themselves as "governments".  Seems that any time any American citizen wants to do anything at all, especially if we attempt to do anything, the Frauderals or the Studs or the little tiny Munchy Pal Itties insist on getting their sticky fingers into the mix.
     Sales Taxes.  That's one of the favorite games that the predatory freeloading frauds have been playing in recent years against "internet merchants".  "Sell anything", they insist, "and you must collect our freeloading fraud 'sales taxes' on the transaction, throw away a chunk of your life maintaining records and especially filing 'sales tax returns' with each and every one of us that might conceivably want to steal a piece of the action".
     Helpers.  Unless you've ever tried to do anything that needed more efforts than what you yourself could accomplish, you probably don't know this.  But the reality is that anyone needing so much as ONE TENTH OF A FULL TIME EQUIVALENT HELPER in an entire year becomes subject to what the predatory freeloading frauds call "employment taxes".  Not only the Frauderals but most of the Studs get their sticky fingers into that game.  What they insist is that you the "employer" must steal from yourself, must steal from your helpers, and must enslave your life to filing voluminous "reports" showing all the details of the aggressively identified *who* you paid anything at all, so as to additionally pay their legions of freeloading fraud burro crazies along with anybody who did any actual helping of your activity.  After the first such "report" they insist on voluminous subsequent "reports" even if you quit trying for various reasons including the interferences that they have inflicted.
      Payment Processing.  "You Gotta Be Kidding" is my summary of the felony abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which have been inflicted on the former "banking" system.  Illegal searches via feloniously facilitative publication on infinitely hackable web sites of the full details, including routing numbers into private financial accounts, of everything and anything you might do involving money.  Illegal seizures via Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the "Check21" forgery facilitating system,enforced by the Frauderal Reserve Bored devoid of any validation from the owner of the monies stolen, which can and do vacate financial accounts at the whim of any criminal thief making use of the systems set up by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan for purposes of felony theft.  Goes beyond what the Frauderals themselves have been abrogatively inflicting on the financial system.  A whole set of "payment processors" such as "PayPal" have demanded felony *control* of personal financial accounts as a condition of their "services".  The result has been regular appearance of citizens attempting to buy groceries and other essentials who are defrauded of being able to do so because their "accounts" have been vacated by the felony abrogators.
     Shipping and Handling.  Even sending a simple little letter weighing less than one ounce costs a minimum of 49 cents these days.  Needing assurance that it actually got where it was supposed to go requires "ceritification" at a cost of $3.10 per item.  Needing a return receipt acknowledging that the recipient got it is further expensive.  Getting into shipping anything that weighs even a couple of pounds puts the cost up into double digit numbers of dollars almost immediately.  "You can't get there from here" nor to here from anywhere else is what the transportation industry has become these days.
     Bottom Line.  Not only at first glance but upon subsequent inspection, these "problems" of selling anything at all appear insurmountable for a decrepit old man such as myself.  However, I'm confident that when as and if anything ever does get sold from this quirky web site, the Nutty Own All Insecurity Agency with their "big data" processing at citizen expense will know about it, perhaps long before I myself do.